Planning your Mortgage

Whether you plan on buying property for living or renting, having a clear idea of the mortage payment is key! This tool was built using lender templates to estimate monthly payments and we recommend you to use it as a guideline. We recommend exploring multiple home prices and asking yourself if you're comfortable with the estimated monthly payment.

This tool is not a replacement for a lender's estimate. We recommend playing with this tool, confirming estimates with a lender, adjusting if needed, and of course getting a mortage payment estimate from your lender before making an offer.

Remember, "experts" will recommend spending 20% of your income in mortgage, but we all know that's an utopian dream. In this market there is no magic number to aim for. This should be financial planning exercice for for each homebuyer.

Morgage Inputs

Input Value
Home Price ($) x1,000
Percent Down %
Interest Rate %
Yearly Taxes ($)
Monthly HOA ($)
Monthly Insurance ($)
Closing Costs ($)

Your 30-Year Mortgage Payments

Type Amount
Monthly Payment

Day One Payment

Loan Amount